Thursday, March 30, 2017

To the man I am in love with

"Behind every successful woman, despite of her loving family and supportive friends, there is a man who is willingly to stand, sacrifice and fight for her."

6.8 years of friendship and long distance relationship.

Thank you for being such an understanding and caring person, always be there for me when i am in needy, walks along with me through thick and thin, willingly to listen to all of my ridiculous stories, not even thought of parting during my darkest time, and fight really hard for having me in your life.

People do comes back, but you are the one who never leaves.  You are the one who never miss to give a hand when i need an aid.  Stand by me and motivate me everytime i'm in unstable emotions and hardest conditions for 2 years of my bachelor degree and 1 year of my upside down life.  The one whom eager to change my "cik" title to "puan". Most importantly, you are the one who watched my transformation and improvement from zero to hero. Watching me turned from a beast to a beauty i guess. Hehe.

Did you know that, until now i am very thankful for the day when we first met.  I noticed your existence the moment i helped you that night. Even if that was a regretful memory you would really want to erase.  But, i thanked Allah for sending you to me.  Thanks to your friends that forced you to join the bbq party as an uninvited guest.  Thanks to the food i cooked that makes you fall for me. Classical love story.

Thanks to you my good motivator, my dearest stylist. Without you, i know i could not do it until the end. 2017 might be our fine year In Shaa Allah.

From me,

Your burden, the troublemaker.

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